Simple methods to watch Nidahas Trophy through everyday electronic gadgets

Hero Nidahas Trophy, The subcontinental Rival clash everyone around the world is speaking about is due in two weeks. Every cricket fanatic belonging to not just either of the nations that are playing (India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka), but also from various countries around the world are waiting eagerly for this tournament which is organized in celebration of Sri Lankan 70th year of Independence. The matches are in the T20 format and will start on 6th March and will go on with a day’s gap until 18th March.

The idea of organizing a cricket tournament in celebration of Independence day is an old one and has first started in 1998 when Sri Lanka invited India and New Zealand to play the Singer Akai Nidahas Trophy. 1998 was the year Sri Lanka has celebrated its 50 years of Independence. The trophy was named “Nidahas” as the word bears the meaning of Freedom in Sanskrit. This tradition is being repeated after 20 years in 2018, sponsored by Hero.

One of the most exciting features of this tournament which has raised the hopes of entertainment is that this tournament is the first one since Sri Lanka has lost to India in the three T20s it has played and Bangladesh lost the two T20 it has played against Sri Lanka. While this is a highly motivating factor that can make the two teams fight to the death in the tournament, India reached the 2nd position in the T20 rankings after its victory against South Africa. Winning this tournament can take India to the top which becomes the sole motivating factor for the Indian team to be stronger than ever. Due to these previous results and the already constructed feud between the three teams, the Nidahas Cup tournament is predicted to be tremendously exciting.

Nidahas Cup 2018 Liveis available live online through a Live TV streaming service called YuppTV. YuppTV is an OTT South Asian Content provider delivering Indian live TV through various devices. Since the tournament is available through this service which delivers its content through a high-performance app, one can easily watch the matches through any of the internet enabled devices they own and from any place.

The app can simply be downloaded from the Android or iOS play store. if the tournament is available in your country for free, you can start watching Once you register for the service. If the tournament is priced, all you need to do is subscribe to the cricket package and start watching. You can watch the matches on Smartphones, Tablets, Gaming Consoles, Laptops, Computers and Smart Televisions.