Messi for Manchester United? Rumors has it!

A lot of Manchester fans have gone into a frenzy, since the rumors related to Messi went viral. For many, it’s a dream to see Messi play for Manchester City. After all, loyalties in the world of football is a thing to watch. If the buzz is to be believed, Manchester City has approached Barcelona for Lionel Messi, and the price quoted is a staggering £100 million. Next time fans choose to buy Manchester United tickets, they might be in for a treat, if Messi comes in that red jersey. As for news related to the team, Ander Herrera is out for an injury, and he is not expected to return in weeks, keeping him away from a few upcoming matches. However, the million-dollar question remains the same – Will Messi play for Manchester? No one really knows.

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By now, football fans know that United paid a stunning amount of £89 million for Paul Pogba, and gossipmongers believe that Manchester City is really to pay a similar amount for Messi. The club fans have been also excited about reuniting with Pep Guardiola, but will it pay for the Argentinian player? The £100 million does seem like huge though, especially when Messi is in the fix about his renewing his contract. In a way, Manchester is challenging the United, and it certainly is a big move. By the way, Barcelona is turning 30 this year, and so far, they have chosen to refute such news or their willingness to let world’s favorite to go out of the team. Messi has been in news for a few wrong reasons too, especially with regards to his father’s case. Experts also believe that the star may have to rethink and negotiate certain terms before he renews the contract with Barcelona again. With the huge score of over 450 goals in less than 550 matches, Messi is certainly the star of the team in more ways than one.

If you intend to buy Manchester United tickets with the hope of seeing Messi in the red jersey, think again, because Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu has stated that the renewal process with the global football seen will be under his belt. He has also confirmed that the team is willing to keep the rapport and relationship that they share with Messi, which is kind of a bummer for Manchester United fans. You can find more details related to the news in this article.

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As mentioned earlier, Manchester United midfielder Ander Herrera is out of the game after an injury in the midweek Champions League match against Sevilla. Marouane Fellaini, Zlatan Ibrahimovic are some of the other names that will remain unavailable for Manchester, but to the worry of some fans, Chelsea has no such concerns as far as the core team is concerned. David Luiz and Ross Barkley are unavailable too. The recent records haven’t been a dream run for the team, so fans buying Manchester United tickets have a lot to hope.