Hockey is a Popular Game

An amusement looking like hockey was played in Iran. The general population of Greece played this sort of amusement in the fifth century. Their guidelines to playing hockey were unique in relation to our principles. Hockey was additionally played in France.

Numerous nations of the world began playing current hockey in the start of nineteenth century. It turned out to be extremely prominent in the Great Britain. It additionally spread to other European nations and to Australia and New Zealand too. English officers conveyed this diversion to the sub landmass when Great Britain possessed this piece of the world in the nineteenth century.

As of late a global Woman Hockey competition was held in Lahore in 1996. Hockey was incorporated into the Olympic Games in 1908. Hockey was likewise incorporated into the Asian recreations held in the New Delhi in 1952. World Cup for hockey began in 1971 and Champions Trophy was presented in 1978 by Pakistan.

The nations which have great hockey groups are Pakistan, India, the Soviet Union, the Great Britain, Holland, Germany and Spain. Nepal, China and some different nations additionally play hockey however the standard of their hockey groups is not high.

Field hockey is played on common grass. This game is played on water-based fake turf as well. This game is well known in many parts of the world. Global hockey league oversees this diversion. Present day field hockey sticks are made of wood. These hockey sticks are J-molded.

Numerous other universal competitions are likewise composed for ladies groups. It is a prominent amusement. You can watch this amusement on TV. This amusement has been spreading round the world step by step.