Here’s How to Stream All NFL Games with An International Game Pass

If you saw the way the Titans hammered the Jaguars over the weekend, you will also agree that this NFL season is far from over. The tightest game of the weekend has to be that between the Dolphins and Patriots, but the former team pulled clear with only a point in the end.

That tells us something.

Teams won’t back down now that the season is nearly done with. This will be the time when everyone will go all out to win as much games as they have. Even if they won’t get the ultimate prize, they will still fight for a share of the glory.

That, again, is why we want to ensure you never miss any other game.

How you can watch the NFL games

There are three main ways by which many catch the NFL games. We will present them to you here and let you know which one is our best option for all viewers. Here goes:

  • Watching with cable TV:

            This is the oldest watching option for many people. Note that, due to numerous geoblocks that have been put in place, it will be impossible for those outside the US to view the gamed under this option.

Likewise, you won’t be able to get some games on your channel due to occasional blackouts from the promoters of game. All that, and we haven’t even mentioned the fact that cable is expensive.

  • Watching with a local game pass:

            Now, this is starting to sound more like it.

You don’t need to have cable to enjoy NFL games when you buy a domestic game pass in the US. Well, not in every case anyways.

The main issue with domestic game passes, though, is that you never get to catch any game live again. That is to say, you can only watch the games (regular season games) after all the action has ended on cable TV.

Besides, they will still subject you to blackouts and restrictions when certain games are being played in your locale. You surely don’t want to pay for something that won’t give you that the peace of grabbing all your games.

  • Streaming with an international game pass:

            This is our most recommended option, and by far. With an international game pass, you never have to worry about blackouts and restrictions anymore. You don’t even need to have cable to view the games as you like. You get access to games as they happen and can view content from archives.

Watching NFL with Game Pass

We have already established why using an international game pass is your best bet.

According to NFL content distribution rules, though, you can only buy a game pass in the country where you are located, and use it there too. That would normally mean having to travel to another country just to get an international game pass, yes? Wrong!

You can use a VPN to circumvent this. Simply:

  • Obtain a VPN from a provider of your choice
  • Connect to a server location in the country where you want to buy the game pass
  • Purchase the game pass of your choice
  • Sign up to a preferred streaming platform and
  • Enjoy the games anytime they are being played

You would still need to keep your VPN after purchasing the international game pass.

Remember the rule that said you could only stream NFL with an International game pass in the country where you bought it in? That means you will always need to connect from the location where you bought the game pass from.

Wrap Up

We’ve got two weeks of the regular season yet. How about you never let anyone fill you in on how the touchdowns happened anymore?