Cycling: How to Make the Most Out of the Experience

A lot of people ride bikes and more and more people are getting interested in this sport. With more riders on the roads and trails, there is cycling news that beginners can always read to stay updated. In fact, they can check out To help beginners enjoy a better ride and get the best experience, we offer the following tips:

Wear a Helmet

Cyclists are prone to head injuries which can be fatal. Serious injuries can be avoided if you wear a helmet while cycling. Even if your state or country doesn’t have bike helmet laws, ensure you always wear one when riding your bike.

Set Limits to High-Gear Pedals

Pedaling in high gear for a long time puts extra strain on your knee. You will want to avoid this to ensure you can get to as many places as you can with your bike. Focus on keeping the cadence between 70 and 90 rpm’s.

Use the Right Bike

When cycling, make sure you have your bike set up to fit your body. This is necessary so you ride it conveniently, efficiently and easily and with less pain and soreness. There are a lot of bikes to choose from and you can even order them online so do your homework and pick the best.

Change your Position

While riding, changing positions can be done by moving your rear end around on the saddle and moving your hands around on the bars. If you don’t change position for a long time, your hands, arms and rear can get numb.

Change Gears when Needed

If you climb hills, make sure you shift a gear which will keep the cadence in the right rpm range. This ensures you can make it up the climb without putting extra stress on your knees.

Get the Right Saddle

This can make a significant difference when you ride your bike. The thickest saddle doesn’t have to give you the best ride. Focus on getting a longer seat that has a cut-out. Read cycling news and reviews online to find out what other cyclists like and then test ride some.

Ditch the Headphones

Riding your bike with headphones on can be quite dangerous since this can prevent you from hearing an emergency vehicle or other commotions on the road. In case you really need to have music, consider getting a small radio you can clip on your jersey.

Be Fully Informed of the Rules

When riding your bike, ensure you ride with traffic and obey road signs. Learn to anticipate what other drivers are going to do by being watchful of your surroundings.